✨ ai intuition and poster design ✨

Artifex Poster is an automatic poster generation platform that explores, and then exploits, the relationship between artificial intelligence and graphic design. rtifex, from ar(ti) (“art”) +‎ -fex (“suffix representing a maker or producer”), was the latin noun used to define an artist as well as an actor, a craftsperson, a master or a mastermind. The etymological connection between these nouns of “art” and “artificial” made us think about the possible relation between creativity and artificial intelligence. As designers and coders, this is our trial to redefine our role in an increasingly tech-driven society, playing with the tools the digital world has to offer, realising there’s much more potential yet to be unleashed.⁠

Each time the portal loads an image, it is randomly selected from copyright-free, digital image libraries. Analysing the chosen image, the algorithm extrapolates three keywords through which it tries to define its characteristics so as to “interpret” it in its own way. The three words are therefore combined - always randomly - with copyright-free typefaces, and are then arranged into a poster. This arrangement of the chosen image and set of fonts is the result of designer intervention in the form of contributed layouts. The background color is chosen by an algorithm that picks it upon analysis of the color palette of the image. The poster is then generated and can be saved by the user or lost without leaving a trace with a simple "refresh" of the page.⁠

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